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Kendra Kouture

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Name: Kendra Kouture
Age : 25
Horoscope : Aqaurius
Height : 5′ 7″
Measurements 32-24-45
Ethnicity :Mixed
Hometown : Muskeegan,MI
Profession Fantasy Girl
Hobbies Modeling,
Being sexy,
Twitter @Kendra_Kouture video filmed by Mike from Sexyassladies…


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11 comments to Kendra Kouture

  • dj  says:

    I would love to fuck her ass

  • Suphalmukherjee  says:

    my dick want s her ass!!

  • no disrespect  says:

    when is the estimated release date? i want it but im not waiting months or years for it.thats how long some of your models have been tagged “coming soon” ect.

    • Moderator  says:

      2 weeks

  • jj  says:

    anybody seen the dvd yet? is it hot? is she nude? any NEW footage?any more info on the joint? tell us something about it.

  • lawrence  says:

    i see want video

  • lasead  says:

    no think

  • pennywhite  says:

    Does the subscription for sexyassladies work for sexyazzladies (the affiliate uncut site) too Or do i have to get two separate subscriptions? Also, the sexazzladies (sexyazzwomen) website is currently down, any idea when that will be up and working again? Thanks

    • newsexy  says:

      they are separate sites.

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